Editor in-chief Birtalan Ágnes.
Oirad and Kalmyk linguistic essays.

Budapest: Elte Eötvös Kiadó, 2012. – 212 p.


Researching Oirad materials is particularly important among Mongolic languages. The reason is that once living in a compact unity, the ethnic group has widely scattered but they still preserve their specific language and culture even surrounded by a different majority (Mongolia, China, Russia). Living separated from each other since the 17th century and some of their groups changing territory several times, the Oirad groups have conserved archaisms in their dialects that could contribute to the study of the development and changes of other Mongolic languages. The examination of other changes in majority environments, of the strategies of preserving their language and culture might provide grounds for drawing linguistic and cultural inferences of general validity.


Очерки по ойратской и калмыцкой лингвистике / отв. ред. Бирталан Агнеш. – Будапешт, 2012. – 212 с.

В сборнике, содержащем статьи как зарубежных, так и российских монголоведов, представлены результаты совместных венгерско-монгольских экспедиций, проводившихся с 1991 г., по изучению традиционной культуры ойратов.